A Convict's Story

Name's Lucifer. And, yeah, I may or may not have gotten in a bit of trouble with the so-called law enforcement on several occasions. Not a big deal, really. They're all corrupt little bastards anyway.

[This is a roleplaying blog for an AU, human and criminal, version of Supernatural's Lucifer.]

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fallenmichael asked:
"Michael holds him tight kissing his head over and over."

Lucifer relaxed, probably for the first time in years, as he felt this angel version of his brother hold him. It was protection, safety… It reminded him so much of the way his older brother would act all those years ago. And if it only lasted while Lucifer sat there, high and imagining the other’s angelic nature, then so be it. It was still nice.

"Are you gonna stay here, Michael?" he muttered.

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